Club Membership Fundraising

Looking for a great, easy, hassle free fundraising opportunity?  Get paid for club memberships!


If your sports team, school, church, or non-for-profit organization is looking for a fundraising opportunity to make great money, this is for you!

Sell car wash memberships and the first month’s payment is donated right to your organization.  It’s easy…and everyone loves a clean car!

Interested? Contact us to get started with club membership fundraising.

Car washing illustration

First Month

The first month's payment is donated to the organization.

Hassle Free

Set your timeframe, set your goal, and sell!​

Easy to Use

At the kiosk, your organization's code is entered and credited.


The promo code on the website will be directly linked to the organization.​

Fundraise Nights

A night of good, clean fun

Join us for fundraise nights! It’s the perfect way to give back to your community and support local organizations. Stop out on our fundraise nights and watch a portion of every car wash directly benefit the community.

See the car wash attendant to set up your very own fundraiser night event.

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